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Video Conference

The Twenty-Eighth Judicial District Court has long required pre-trial conferences to be conducted in person, as opposed to by telephone.  This was an effort to eliminate confusion in trial settings and proposed deadlines, as well as to facilitate communication between the parties. However, at this time, the Court will now allow all pre-trial conferences to be conducted by video conferencing, if the parties desire.  In order to take advantage of this technology, all parties to the litigation must agree.  Additionally, if this avenue is selected, all parties must participate by video, and their device shall be identified specifically by the video conferencing application.

Additionally, the Louisiana Code of Civil Procedure and the Louisiana Code of Criminal Procedure also allow for certain matters to be heard through use of video conferencing.  If the parties so desire, the Court will consider hearing certain matters though use of this technology.  Again, all parties must agree to this procedure, and they must participate by video, with their device specifically identified.

To schedule a pretrial conference, or to schedule audio/visual conferencing hearing, please contact Alanna Edwards at (318) 992-2002.

To enter the conference, click the "Join Conference Now" button below and enter the unique meeting ID that was emailed to you from the Court.  Please also add your full name before joining.  The Court will admit you into the videoconference when all parties are present.  You will be placed into a virtual waiting room until that time.  If you do not have a unique meeting ID, please contact our office at (318) 992-2002 to obtain one.

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